2013 Candidate Profile: Jennifer L. Hide, Delegate At Large

1. Why do you feel qualified to serve in the above position?
I feel qualified to serve in the position of Delegate at Large due to my extensive involvement with the APTA since entering into the DPT program in 2004. I have successfully served as Delegate at Large since 2010 and have learned an extraordinary amount about the profession at the House.  I have worked hard since 2007 as the Governmental Affairs Co-Chair to familiarize myself with the issues that face our profession and am therefore prepared to speak to these at the House of Delegates.
I am a person who is dedicated to the profession of physical therapy. I believe that the position of Delegate at Large needs to be filled by an individual who will attend all CO Chapter functions and help in any way needed. I will be an educated voice at the House of Delegates and at all meetings, bringing new ideas and recommendations.

Why do you want to serve in the above position?
I would like to serve in the Delegate at Large position because I feel strongly about the importance of continued involvement at the local, state, and national levels. In our fast moving healthcare system it is a necessity for physical therapists at all levels to educate themselves in order to maintain our rights as therapists, grow our profession and advocate for our patients. I am confident that this will be a great position for me to succeed in and welcome the opportunity to connect the State and National levels of our profession.

3)   List committees / projects that take up your time.
APTA Colorado Chapter Delegate at Large
APTA Colorado Chapter Governmental Affairs Committee Co-Chair
APTA Colorado Chapter Mentoring Committee Co-Chair

4)   What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Colorado Chapter? Are there any improvements you would like to make?

– The CO Chapter has numerous people who care about the profession of physical therapy and the advancement of our field in the state of CO
– The CO Chapter has numerous professionals (PT and PTA) who are well respected at the national levels.  We have a strong voice at the House of Delegates.
– The CO Chapter is open to new ideas (i.e. recent renewal of the Mentoring Committee, new user friendly website)

– The Chapter has had many of the same people on the BoD as well as on its various committees.  While the wisdom and experience of these professionals is vital, the addition of new volunteers can be beneficial in order to stimulate new ideas and tap fresh resources.
– Funding is currently lacking in the CO Chapter; new ideas and volunteers are needed to increase our revenue.

The reason for dropping membership that I hear most frequently is that “we do not see the benefit”, while the comment I hear is “what is the CO APTA doing with my money.” I think that a quarterly update is needed regarding this issue in order to communicate more clearly with our members. People like to support a cause that they believe in and I believe confidence and membership in the CO Chapter will increase if we educate therapists on the daily battle that is fought to maintain and advance our profession.
I also think that getting as many students involved as possible in the various committees is of great importance.  If we can get students (SPT and SPTA) educated on the other aspects of physical therapy the passion for volunteer work will develop.

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